Dick Maas

...is writer/director/producer of movies, television series, short films and award-winning music video's.

He is commercially the most successful director of the Netherlands and all of his movies have reached worldwide audiences. The three FLODDER movies were doing very well all over Europe and films like DOWN(aka The Shaft), featuring Naomi Watts, and DO NOT DISTURB, featuring William Hurt and Jennifer Tilly, are still playing all over the globe. Other movies, including AMSTERDAMNED and THE LIFT are still being shown on television everywhere.


In 2017 Blue Underground will release remastered Blu-Rays of Amsterdamned, The Lift and Down. The first release of Amsterdamned met with outstanding reviews.


Dick Maas is also known for his broad range of music video's. He has a longstanding relationship with Golden Earring, one of Holland's most famous pop groups. Among the many video clips he made with them are the famous TWILIGHT ZONE video that topped the box-office charts of the US. Recently he did a music video for Marco Borsato, Holland's most popular singer. The song also went to the number one spot in the charts.


For television he produced a long running comedy series featuring the Flodder family, and for George Lucas he directed one of the episodes of the YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES ('Transylvania').


Dick Maas received several national and international film awards, notably the Grand Prix at the Festival of Avoriaz (France).


His movie SAINT (Sint) was a huge succes in the Netherlands and was selected for the Tribeca Film Festival 2011. The movie did also very well internationally and was sold to more than 40 countries.


PREY, his latest movie about a lion roaming the streets of Amsterdam, is currently a festival favorite.


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